28 November 2018concert1118

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Webber)
March of the Siamese Children (Rodgers/Bennett)
The Music of Disneyland (arr. Brubaker)
Follow the River (James Swearingen)
The Lord of the RIngs: The Two Towers (Shore/Brubaker)          The Wizard of OZ (Harburg/Barnes)
The Legend of Danny Boy (Weatherly/Swearingen)
Forrest Gump (Silvestri/Moss)
Fiddler on the Roof  (Harnick/Bock)

9 May 2018concert 0517

Muppet Movie Medley (arr. Edmondson)
Pevensey Castle (Robert Sheldon)
First Suite in Eb (Gustav Holst)
Selections from “Cats” (Webber/ arr. Edmondson)
Superman  (Williams/arr. Lowden)                                        Music from THE INCREDIBLES (Giacchino/ arr. Bocook)
The Olympic Spirit (Williams/ arr. Bocook)
The Bare Necessities (Gilkyson/ arr. Murtha)


6 Decemberconcert1217 2017

Chattanooga Choo Choo (Warren/arr. Cook)
The Entertainer (Joplin / arr. Reed)
Grease! (Casey, Jacobs/arr. Moss)
Blue Mambo (Michael Sweeney)
Bucimis (arr. Lipton)                                                                    The Beatles: Echoes of an Era (arr. Higgins)
Sabre Dance (Khachaturian/arr. Bullock)
A Michael Jackson Spectacular (arr. Jennings)
Slavonic Dance Suite (Dvorak/arr. Curnow)
Can-Can (Offenbach/Ployhar)
Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Brahms/arr. Longfield)
Selections from MAMMA MIA! (arr. Brown)


10 May 2017

A Canadian Soundscape

Conductor: Kolya Kowalchuk

  • Three Folk Miniatures (André Jutras) concert0517
    *1. V’la l’bon vent
    *2. Isabeau s’y promène
    *3. Les Raftmen
  • Place St.Henri (Oscar Peterson / arr. O’Brien)
  • Lyric Essay (Donald Coakley)
  • Canadian Folk Song Rhapsody (James Curnow)
  • A Seaside Ballad  (Jim Duff)
  • Picture of P.E.I.  (Gerry Rutten)
  • Filum Vitae (Kenley Kristofferson)
  • Grouse Mountain Lullaby (Stephen Chatman)
  • A Canadian Folk Rhapsody (Donald Coakley)
  • Winter Dances (Brian Balmages)

28 January 2017


Conductor: Kolya Kowalchuk

  • Constellations  (James Curnow)concert012017
  • Beyond the Horizon (Ted Ricketts)
  • Mars (from the Planets) (Gustav Holst)
  • To a Distant Place (Carl Strommen)
  • Star WarsMedley (J. Williams / arr. Burden Starship)
  • Brigade  (Paul Halliday)
  • When You Wish Upon a Star  (L. Harline/ arr. Nestico)
  • Sun Dance  (Frank Ticheli)
  •  One Giant Leap  (Erik Morales)
  • To Sail Beyond the Stars  (Timothy Loest)

15 May 2016

Around the World

Conductor: Kolya Kowalchuk

  • Winchester March (John Edmondson)crcbconcert0516
  • Palladio (Karl Jenkins / arr. Longfield)
  • Newfoundland Folksong (Jim Duff)
  • Albanian Dance (Shelley Hanson)
  • Espana Cani (Pascual Marquina / arr. Moss)
  • Shenandoah (Frank Ticheli)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (Klaus Badelt / arr. Ricketts)
  • Fantasy on a Japanese Folk Song (Samuel R. Hazo)
  • Lord of the Rings (Johan de Meij / arr. Lavender)
  • Big Band Polka (arr. Nowak)

 14 November 2015

Night Music


Conductor:  Kolya Kowalchuk

  • Crystal Moon  (Larry Clark)
  • Opening Night on Broadway  (arr. M. Brown)CRCBconcert1115
  • Lone Star Celebration  (James Curnow)
  • A Night in Tunisia   (“Dizzie” Gillepsie / arr. Murtha)
  • All Night Long   (Lionel Ritchie/arr. Nored)
  • The Phantom of the Opera  (A.L. Webber/arr. Barker)
  • The Seal Lullaby  (Eric Whitacre)
  • Night on Bald Mountain  (M. Mussorgsky / arr. Williams)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas  (D. Elfman/ arr. Brown)
  • City of Lights  (Andrew Watkins)

24 May 2015

A day in the Life of Spring

Conductor: Kolya Kowalchuk

  • Joyant Winds (Ed Huckeby)
  • Appalachian Morning (Robert Shledon)
  • Latin Sun (Andre Jutras)
    *Kayla Izon, saxophone
  • Sure on this Shining Night (S. Barber / arr.Saucedo)
  • Earth and Sky (Michael Sweeney)
  • Rhythm of the Winds (Frank Erickson)
  • Elements (Petite Symphony) (Brian Balmages)concertmay15
  • Nocturne  (P.I. Tchaikovsky / arr. van der Beek)
    *Ted Milbrandt, clarinet
  • By the Rivers of Babylon  (Ed Huckeby)
  • Take 5  (P. Desmond / arr. Lewis)
    *Natalie Matheson, tenor saxophone
    *Roger Kirk, trumpet
  • Sleep (Eric Whitacre)
  • Burst of Flame (Richard W. Bowles)

16 November 2014

For Those who Servedconcert nov14

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Fantasy on O Canada (William L. Ballenger)
  • National Emblem (Edwin E. Bagley/ arr. Schissel)
  • Spitfire Overture (James Curnow)
  • Ghost Dances (Roland Barrett)
  • The Drunken Sailor (arr. Grant Hull)
  • Remembrance Day (Jacob de Haan)
  • Juno Beach (John Edmondson)
  • PPCLI Regiment March
  • Each Time You Tell Their Story (Samuel R. Hazo)
  • The Homefront: Musical Memories from WW II (arr. Christensen)
  • Pacific Perimeter (John Higgins)


4 May 2014

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Guest Conductor: Phil Cassidy

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • They Came Sailing – Suite Jacques Cartier (Andre Jutras)
  • The Magnificent Seven (E. Bernstein/ arr. Phillippe)crcbconcert0414
  •  Shipwrecked (Ryan Nowlin)
  • William Tell Overture (G. Rossini/ arr. Longfield)
  • Music from Titanic (J. Horner/arr. Moss)
  • Chattanooga Cho Choo (H. Warren/arr. Cook)
  • New York: 1927 (W. Barker)
  • Solo Flight (L. Neeck)
    *Brian Killikelly, Trombone
  • Klaxon (H. Fillmore/ arr. Balent)
  • Route 66 (Troup/arr. Novak)
  • Take the A Train (Strayhorn/arr. Lowden)
  • The Blues Brothers (arr. Taylor)
  • Thunder – Nascar Theme  (D. Robidoux/ arr. Moss)
  • On the Quarter Deck (K. J. Alford)
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before (arr. Jennings)

17 November 2013concert1113

As the River Flows….

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Campbell River Sketches (Mark Williams)
  • Shenandoah (Frank Ticheli)
  • Parade of the Tall Ships (Jay A. Chattaway)
  • The Water is Wide (arr. Claude T. Smith)
  • Highlights from Show Boat (arr. Calvin Cluster)
  • Moon River (H. Mancini/ arr. M. Brown)
  • McKenzie River Quest (Steve Hodges)
  • Shannon Falls (Ralph Ford)
  • The Great Steamboat Race (Robert W. Smith)
  • Army of the Nile (Kenneth J. Alford)

26 April 2013

It’s a Jungle Out There!

Guest Conductor: Dr Christopher Unger

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Selections from “Cats” (A.L. Webber/ arr. Edmondson)concert0413
  • A Circus Suite (Stuart Johnson)  
    •  1. Bareback riders
    •  2. Elephant Act        -Nancy Cox, Tuba
  • As the Robin to the Meadow (Todd Stalter)
  • Horse and Buggy (Leroy Anderson)
  • Flight of the Griffin (Brian Balmages)
  • Three Little Pigs – A  Story (arr. Isaac )                    
    • Doug Craig, narrator
  • Circus Bee (H. Fillmore/arr. Custer)
  • Birdland (arr. B. Lowden)
  • Bye Bye Blackbird (Henderson/ arr. Rivello)
    • Roger Kirk, trumpet
  • Where Never Lark or Eagle Flew (James Curnow)
  • Blue Goose Rag (R. Birch/arr. Broege)
  • Songbird (Jay Chattaway)                                                                                                  
    • Gordon James, saxophone
  • The Standard of St.George (Kenneth J. Alford)
  • Baby Elephant Walk (H. Mancini/arr. Moss)

9 December 2012

Not Just Another Christmas Concert                                            concert3

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • C’est Noel! (Andre Jutras)
  • Dashing Through the Snow (arr. Saucedo)
  • In the Bleak Midwinter (Holst/Smith)
  • A Most Wonderful Christmas (arr. Sheldon)
  • Fantasia for Christmas (arr. Del Borgo)
  • Meditation on “Veni Immanuel (arr. Sparke)
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas (arr. O’Loughlin)
  • Greensleeves (arr. Reed)
  • A Jubilant Christmas (arr. Jennings)
  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Loesser/Moss)
  • Good Swing Wenceslas (arr. Nestico)
  • Sleigh Ride (Leroy Anderson)

4 May 2012may12concert

Music of the Big Screen

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Space and Beyond (arr. J. Moss)
  • Exodus (arr. A. Reed)
  • A Disney March Spectacular (arr. T. Ricketts)
  • Mancini Spectacular (W. Barker)
  • Gabriel’s Oboe (arr. R. Longfield)
    • Tomoko Bonner, flute
  • Where no Man Has Gone Before (arr. P. Jennings)
  • Theme from “Schindler’s list” (arr. J. Curnow)
    • Ted Milbrandt, clarinet
  • Colonel Bogey (K.J. Alford)
  • Forrest Gump – Main Title (arr. J. Moss)
  • Grease (arr. J. Moss)
  • Symphony no. 7 – 2nd mvt (Beethoven/arr. J. Cacavas)
  • The Blues Brothers (arr. L. Taylor)
  • The Entertainer (arr. A. Reed)
  • John Williams: The Symphonic Marches (arr. J. Higgins)

16 November 2011nov.2011

Colours of Autumn

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Themes from “Autumn” (A. Vivaldi)
  • Siorai September (S.R. Hazo)
  • Autumn Leaves (arr. P. Blair)
    • Matt Hodgson, tenor sax.,
      • Roger Kirk, trumpet.
  • October (E. Whitacre)
  • Autumn Soliloquy (J. Barnes)
    • Ted Milbrandt, clarinet
  • Ghost Dances (R. Barrett)
  • The Gales of November (J.L. Hosay)
  • The Nightmare before Christmas (arr. M. Brown)

6 May 2011

Music in the Spring

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Three Folk Miniatures (Andre Justras)
  • Symphony 1 – The Titan – Mvt 3 (G. Mahler/P. Sylvester)
  • A Trumpeter’s Lullaby ( L. Anderson/P.J. Lang)
  • Flight of the Griffin (Brian Balmages)
  • Concert Variations (Claude T. Smith)
  • Shannon Falls (from Sea to Sky Suite) (Ralph Ford)
  • Suite provençale (Jan Van der Roost)


11 February 2011

Our Favourite TV Shows!

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Looney Tunes Overture (arr. Bill Holcombe)
  • The Syncopated Clock (Leroy Anderson/arr. Ployhar)concert 0211
  • Salute To Spike Jones (arr. Custer)
  • Crimebusters (arr. Jennings)
  • William Tell Overture (Finale) (G. Rossini/Longfield)
  • Funeral Of A Marionette (C. Gounod/ Squires)
  • The Flinstones (arr. Moss)
  • The Addams Family (V. Mizzy, D. Marshall)
  • Hogan’s Heroes March (J. Fielding)
  • Theme From “Star Trek” (A. Courage/ Jennings)
  • The Odd Couple (N. Hefti/Vinson)
  • Hawaii Five-O (M. Stevens/Phillippe)
  • Sesame Street Showcase (arr. Cleveland)
  • The Masterpiece (J.J. Mauret/Nowak)
  • The Liberty Bell (J.P. Sousa)
  • The Muppets’ Greatest Hits (arr. Jennings)
  • Theme From “The Love Boat” (C. Fox/Osterling)
  • TV’s Comedy Hits (arr. Jennings)
  • The Simpsons (D. Elfman/Lavender)

19 May 2010 

Our Favourites                                                                                                

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Circus Suite (Stuart Johnson)
  • Irish Tune from County Derry and Shepherd’s Hey (P.A. Granger)
  • The Beatles: Echoes of an Era (arr. J. Higgins)
  • First Suite in E flat (G. Holst)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (arr. T. Ricketts)
  • The Lord of the Rings (J. de Meij/ arr. P. Lavender)
  • Stars and Stripes Forever (J.P. Sousa)

February 2010

Urban Music

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Campbell River Sketches (Mark Williams)
  • Place St-Henri (Oscar Peterson/O’Brien)
  • The Washington Post (J.P. Sousa)
  • Puebla de Los Angeles (J.J. Morrissey)
  • Santiago Carnival (Claude T. Smith)
  • Manhattan Beach March (J.P. Sousa)
  • Canterbury Chorale (Jan Van der Roost)
  • The Earle of Oxford’s March (William Byrd/G. Jacob)
  • Great Gate of Kiev (M. Moussorgsky/Eymann)
  • An American in Paris (George Gershwin/Curnow)
  • New York: 1927

8 May 2009 

Music for this World                                                  

Guests: The Little Big Band

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Thunder and Lightning (J. Strauss, arr. A. Reed)
  • Where Never Lark or Eagle Flew (James Curnow)
  • Mazama (Jay Chattaway)
  • Grouse Mountain Lullaby (Stephan Chatman)
  • Pictures of P.E.I. (Gerry Rutten)
  • Sea Songs (R. Vaughan Williams)
  • Regenesis (John Higgins)

28 November 2008

Music in the Winter

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Moorside March (Gustav Holst/arr. J. Curnow)
  • Second Suite in F (Gustav Holst)
  • In the Bleak Midwinter (Gustav Holst/arr. R.W. Smith)
  • Winter Dances (Brian Balmages)
  • Moventa (Andre Jutras)
  • Greensleeves (Traditional/arr. Alfred Reed)
  • Eine Kleine Yiddishe Ragmusik (Adam Gorb)
  • Theme fromally known as “Hockey Night in Canada” (arr. Gerald Toth)

Spring Concert 2008

Songs of the Sea

Guests: Pacific Ukes

Conductor: Chris Unger

  • Sea Songs (R. Vaughan Williams)
  • Chanteys (Robert Sheldon)
  • Shenandoah (Frank Ticheli)
  • Highlights from Show Boat (J. Kern / arr. C. Custer)
  • On the Quarter Deck (Kenneth J. Alford)
  • Parade of the Tall Ships (Jay A. Chattaway)
  • The Great Steamboat Race (Robert W. Smith)
  • Cotton Ferry Expedition (Ralph Ford )

Comox Valley Music Festival

November 2007

  • Pacific Perimeter  (John Higgins)
  • Sleep  (Eric Whitacre)
  • Chanteys  (Robert Sheldon)

Rating:  Superior Plus

Spring Concert 2007

Guests: Georgia Strait Big Band

Conductor: Phil Cassidy

  • Selections from Oliver (Lionel Bart, arr. Norman Leyden)
  • Pirates of the Caribbeans (Klaus Badelt, arr. Ted Ricketts)
  • National Emblem March (Edwin Badgley, arr. Schissel)
  • The Typewriter – Emanuel Idiens, typewriter  (Leroy Anderson)
  • Lone Star Celebration (James Curnow)

Spring Concert 2003

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Fantasy on O Canada! (arr. William L. Ballenger)
  • Irish Tune and Shepherd’s Hey (Percy A. Granger)
  • Army of the Nile (K.J. Alford)
  • William Byrd Suite, 1st, 2nd and 3rd movement (Gordon Jacob)
  • 3 Duos for Flute and Clarinet – T. Milbrandt, clarinet, and L. Philippsen , flute (Robert Muczynski)
  • Place St-Henri  (O. Peterson, arr. R. O’Brien)
  • Campbell River Sketches (Mark Williams)
  • A Barrie North Celebration (Andre Jutras)
  • Lord of the Rings – Michael Gau, conductor (Johan de Meij, arr. Lavender)
  • Circus Suite – Gordon James, tuba – Matt Hodgson, alto sax. – Joanne Grant, tenor sax. (Stuart Johnson)

Spring Concert 2002

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • National Emblem (E.E. Bagley, arr. Schissel)
  • Persis (James L. Hosay)
  • Romance op. 36 – Yolanda Lahton, horn (C. Saint-Saens, arr. W. Van Der Beek)
  • Diplomat March (J.P. Sousa)
  • Second Suite in F  (Gustav Holst)
  • Andalusia – Roger Kirk, trumpet  (Hugh M. Stuart)
  • Poet and Peasant Overture  (F. von Suppe, arr. Takahashi)
  • Standard of St-George (K.J. Alford)
  • Slavonic Dance #1, op. 46  (A. Dvorak, arr. R. Longfield)
  • Place St-Henri (O. Peterson, arr. R. O’Brien)
  • Ellington (D. Ellington, arr. Larry Kerchner)
  • Spanish Fever (Jay Chattaway)

Concert in Campbellton for the Chamber of Commerce – September 2001

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • A Galop to End All Galops (Warren Barker)
  • The City of Lights  (Andrew Watkins)
  • Broadway One-Step (Karl L. King)
  • Looney tunes overture (arr. Bill Holcombe)
  • Stars and Stripes forever (John Philip Sousa)
  • Instant Concert (Harold Walters)
  • Colonel Bogey (Kenneth J. Alford)
  • Liberty Bell (J.P. Sousa, arr. W.D. Revelli)
  • A Salute to Spike Jones  (Calvin Custer)
  • New York : 1927 (Warren Barker)

Spring Concert 2001

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Centenial (Piet Swerts)
  • A Galop to End All Galops (Warren Barker)
  • Symphony #8, 1st movement (Franz Schubert)
  • Latin Sun – Jeff Konken , alto sax. (Andre Jutras)
  • Concert Variations (Claude T. Smith)
  • Colonel Bogey (Kenneth J. Alford)
  • Selections from “The Phantom of the Opera” (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
  • William Tell Overture, Finale  (G. Rossini)
  • Nocturne – Ted Milbrandt, clarinet  (P.I. Tchaikovski)
  • Funeral March of a Marionette (Charles Gounod)
  • Fantasy on American Sailing Songs  (Clare Grundman)
  • In the Mood (Joe Garland)
  • The Liberty Bell March (J.P. Sousa)
  • New-York:1927 (Warren Barker)

Spring Concert 2000

Guests: Island Voices

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Under the Double Eagle (J.J. Wagner)
  • Glenn Miller in Concert (G. Miller)
  • Nimrod from “Enigma Variations” (E. Elgar)
  • Andalusia – Michael Gau, trombone  (H.M. Stuart)
  • West Side Story (L. Bernstein)
  • Autumn Soliloquy – Lorraine Philipsen, flute (J. Barnes)
  • Mancini Magic (H. Mancini)
  • First Suite in Eb – 1st and 3rd movement (G. Holst)
  • A Salute to Spike Jones  (S. Jones, arr. C. Custer)
  • Stars and Stripes Forever (J.P. Sousa)
  • Dry Your Tears, Afrika – w/ Island Voices, choir (J. Williams)

Spring Concert 1999

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • The City of Lights (Andrew Watkins)
  • The Spirit of Orpheus (Robert W. Smith)
  • Broadway One-Step (Karl L. King)
  • Birdland (Josef Zawinal)
  • Amparito Roca (J. Texidor)

November 1997 – Fundraiser for United Way

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Liberty Bell (J. P. Sousa)
  • Of Dark Lords and Ancient Kings (Roland Barrett)
  • Santiago Carnival (C.T. Smith)
  • Greensleeves  (Alfred Reed)
  • Eubie!
  • Selection from Cats (A. L. Webber)
  • Swinging Yongs of Yesterday
  • They came sailing (A. Jutras)
  • In the mood (Joe Garland)

Spring Concert 1996  (Guests of Campbell River Singers)

Conductor: Celine Ouellette

  • Hockey Night in Canada Theme  (Gerald Toth)
  • Folk Song Suite – March “Seventeen come Sunday” (R. Vaughan Williams)
  • Spanish Fever (Jay Chattaway)
  • Campbell River Sketches – Ballad (Mark Williams)
  • Amparito Roca (J. Texidor)
  • Regenesis – Song of the Planet (J. Higgins)
  • Looney Tunes Overture (arr. B. Holcombe)


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